AION US Twitter – Aion Energy Boost Pack Giveaway

Hello Daevas,

To help promote awareness of our twitter accounts, we will be doing a giveaway of the Aion™ Energy Boost Pack on Phenteo’s Aion twitter account here. So make sure to follow the account as you will also get important news and have contact with the team! Please note, this is for our North American and Oceanic players only. These codes will not work with any accounts that are not attached to NA Aion. These codes can also only be applied once! So make sure to keep your eyes open and be the first one to grab the code!

We will be giving them out at various times during the day starting today at 12:45pm PST, and will run till 12/24/2010 at 10:00pm PST.

Aion™ Energy Boost Pack

Rip open an Energy Boost Pack and chow down on Atreia’s tastiest Meat Dumplings and Qooqoo Bulgogi-extra spicy treats for extra zip in your character’s step! The Aion Energy Boost Pack pumps up your character’s stats to help the adventure stay strong all night long. Aion Energy Boost Pack can only be assigned to one Aion character per account.

Follow the steps below to apply the code and enjoy these delicious in-game treats.

1. Log in to your NCsoft Master Account at:
2. Click Use a Serial Code, and enter the Aion Energy Boost Pack serial code.
3. Choose your Aion game account.
4. Return to Account Management.
5. Click Game Accounts, and select your Aion game account.
6. In the Actions section, select Apply In-Game Items.
7. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to redeem your in-game item.
8. Once you’ve assigned your item, log in to Aion and retrieve your item via in-game express mail.

For additional help, visit our Knowledge Base at:

*Note: You can only use this serial code once.

-The Aion Community Team